Great Afro Hairstyle Ideas

Great Afro Hairstyle Ideas

Having an afro hairstyle can be really versatile – you can change your hair design as often as you want, whether you feel like a straight day, curly day or wavy day – oh and not forgetting braided and weave days!   At our Sol Central, Northampton salon, The Muse Salon stylists have put together some great styles….


Double-Twisted Pony

The Muse Salon Northampton -- Afro Style Double Twisted Pony

Curly Top Knot

Mohawk With Crochet Braids


Marley Ponytail


The original article was written by Tolani Shoneye. Tweet her @tolly_t



Northampton Hair - Erica


Established as a Textured Hairdresser, my journey began in 1995 crafting kinky, coily, curly and wavy hair. I endeavoured to be a trail blazer in Northamptonshire, and continued to progress into the Education sector within an Academy, teaching for 7 years.

I am extremely passionate about my craft as “Qualified Afro Hairdressers” are very much a rarity. A “MUSE” is a person, particularly a woman who is a source of inspiration for a creative artist.

Peace, Love & Good Hair.


Weare a team of Textured hair specialists based in Sol Central, Northampton. The Muse Salon was founded by Erica who is well established and began in 1995 crafting kinky, coily, curly and wavy hair.

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