Caring for Afro Hair

Caring for Afro Hair


Looking after your afro hair is as important as having the right style.

Afro hair needs to be looked after. Even though at The Muse Salon provide the best service and a range of afro hair styles from their Sol Central, Northampton studio, afro hair care is important. Here we outline what we think you should do to maintain your hair to maintain a natural texture.

It is a good idea avoid sulfate because it will strip away the natural oils in your hair, which means you will have to add moisture to your hair more often than before.

To help keep your hair at is best, try shea butter or coconut oil.  This is because afro hair is often drier than any other hair types and if too dry, your hair can be frizzy.

Always consider using conditioner, especially of you don’t want to use shea butter nor coconut oil.  If you hair isn’t conditioned well, your hair will break off.

Have a trim! A good trim will make your hair look healthier and at The Muse Salon we can help!


If you would like to come to our Sol Central Salon in Northampton town centre, contact us via our booking page here

The Muse Salon are a team of Textured hair specialists and was founded by Erica who is well established and began in 1995 crafting kinky, coily, curly and wavy hair.

“Established as a Textured Hairdresser, my journey began in 1995 crafting kinky, coily, curly and wavy hair. I endeavoured to be a trail blazer in Northamptonshire, and continued to progress into the Education sector within an Academy, teaching for 7 years.

I am extremely passionate about my craft as “Qualified Afro Hairdressers” are very much a rarity. A “MUSE” is a person, particularly a woman who is a source of inspiration for a creative artist.

Peace, Love & Good Hair.”

Erica, Salon Owner

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